Your Next-Level Integrated Marketing Acceleration Team — iMAT™

Meet iMAT

One of the most important improvements your organization can focus on is the creation of an iMAT that combines your best capabilities, those of your existing partners, 5W and the best third-parties into a high-performing marketing Expertise, Tools and Processes (ETP) infrastructure. Any of 5W's services can be used for key pieces where you or your partners do not have the capabilities, and where 5W offers more value than the best third parties.

Each organization is very different. There is no single best solution and no standard follow-up steps. Assuming you're not already at Level 4 or 5, most organizations need help designing an improved ETP solution to help them get to the next level.

Designing an iMAT is like solving a complex puzzle. The puzzle pieces include not only your team's and partners' capabilities, but also fractional ones from others. 5W often provides its clients fractional services such as a Chief Marketing Scientist, campaign management, analytics, content creation, and database, application and report development. In addition, it has a variety of tools and data that can often be provided much less expensively than alternative solutions.

However, at this point, it is only important to understand there is a vast array of ETP solutions available. Moreover, one that provides a significant increase in your capabilities can typically be realized very quickly and often within your existing budget.

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