AIM5®Artificial Intelligence Modeling Tools

5W can deliver its clients much more value than other companies not only because of its extensive know-how but also because of its unique tools. AIM5 is the culmination of our founders' years of effort, since 1986. It is the 6th generation of artificial intelligence and datamining tools they have developed.

Since 2009, we have developed a set of tools that enable us to produce much better insights and targeting information faster and less expensively than any of our competitors.

We have combined best-of-breed marketing, optimization, database and data mining software with innovative artificial intelligence and innovative technologies to produce superior insights models and results in an extremely automated fashion.

Using our tool sets, we and our clients can gain valuable insights into customers, prospects and market segments, often within just a couple of hours. In addition, our tools automatically generate more accurate targeting criteria as well as scored lists for use in social media, display ads, email, telemarketing, direct mail and mobile campaigns. Using AIM5, we have outperformed competitor list selects as much as 20 to 49%.

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