5W Optimization Services

We pride ourselves on delivering among the best strategic and tactical advice, models, insights, reports, information systems and creative materials in the industry to optimize our clients' 5 W's:

  • Who — individuals, groups, segments
  • What — message, offer, creative, keywords
  • Where — online, email, direct mail, search, telemarketing, mobile, other
  • When — timing, frequency
  • Why — ROI, metrics, short- and long-term benefits

We use the best tools available, apply innovative techniques and have a proven methodology to advance our clients' success incrementally through a series of high-payoff steps.  Download our eBook for a few optimization strategies you can use to start increasing your success today.

Although we're capable of performing almost all aspects of your direct marketing, we tailor our services to best meet your needs and complement the capabilities of your staff and partners.  We're able to offer any of our services on a short-term, long-term, monthly, or annual basis depending on the level of services needed and your company's goals.

Direct Marketing Assessment & Roadmap

5W can work with you and your team to thoroughly assess your marketing capabilities and efforts by examining your goals, business, products, marketing activities, capabilities, data systems, past successes and failures, constraints and plans — contact us and we'll set up a call to get started.

To get started now, you can take this simple self-assessment.  By taking this self-assessment, you will:

  1. Get a great assessment of your direct marketing capabilities
  2. Receive recommendations on how to take your marketing to the next level
  3. Have the option to talk to an expert to answer your questions and learn more ways to increase your success

In less than 4 minutes, we'll show you what level you're at and give you actionable information you can use right away to increase your success.

There's no hidden costs and no need to talk to anyone unless you want to and your results will be kept confidential.

After you complete your assessment, feel free to contact us if you have questions or would like to discuss additional steps you can take to increase your success.  We would be happy to talk to you about your specific situation and can then make more specific recommendations.  We can also help you develop a marketing roadmap to prioritize the changes that will give you the highest payoff in the shortest amount of time.

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Direct Marketing Technology Assessment & Roadmap

The focus of your Direct Marketing Assessment is on your marketing strategies and tactics. This Direct Marketing Technology Assessment focuses on the marketing system tools, data and platforms you use to:

  • Manage your customer/member, transaction and campaign data
  • Identify who you engage
  • Execute your campaigns across all channels
  • Convert your customers
  • Analyze campaign performance

Once we have an understanding of the tools you have in place and how they're being used, we can help you determine if they're being used to their full potential to optimize your 5 W's.  If it turns out that your marketing tools and technology aren't the right tools for the job, aren't being used correctly, or aren't being used to their full potential, we can develop a roadmap of changes for you to implement that can greatly increase your success.

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Fractional Chief Marketing Scientist (CMS) & Marketing Data Science Group

Having a Chief Marketing Scientist on staff can cost more than $250,000 per year in salary alone. Add in the cost of statistical and analytic tools, license fees, third-party data and additional staff to support your CMS, and the total cost of having a competitive marketing data science capability can easily add up to $500,000 to $1 million annually.

However, 5W can provide you with one of the country's leading CMSs and data science groups on a fractional basis — at a small fraction of the cost and time you’d need to build this capability internally. You’ll pay only for the specific hours and skills you need and gain access to much more knowledge, technology and experience than you could ever afford otherwise.

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Marketing Resource Optimization & Projections

5W can develop a marketing financial planning model for you that will help maximize your sales, profits and number of customers for any given allocation of your budget.  It enables us to easily perform "what if" analyses and forecast the number of new customers, revenues, acquisition costs, percent retained, profits and other metrics for the current year and future years.

This planning tool is very useful in optimizing who to engage, with what opportunity, where, when and why. It can also increase sales and profitability by 10 to 30% through reallocation of budgets across months, channels, segments and marketing activities.

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