5W Engagement Optimization System (EOS)

The 5W EOS is comprised of the Engagement Database, Campaign Manager, Analytic Tools and Insights Portal. It is used to understand and engage prospects and customers throughout the lifecycle of their relationship with your organization.

The EOS enables marketers to rapidly optimize their 5 W's — Who to engage, with What content, Where, When and Why — in an exceptionally cost-effective manner.

Most companies already have many of the components on hand that are required to create their own EOS, incrementally, at low cost and risk. It can even be built using a mix of capabilities from your organization, existing partners, other companies and 5W — delivering you the most value for the lowest cost and risk.

5W can help you design, create and implement your EOS.

The EOS in Action

During the initial Affordable Care Act (ACA) enrollment period, 5W set up a custom EOS for its health insurance client. Among the key data in the Engagement Database were 400+ attributes on each of the 3.2 million adults in the client's target market, member data, healthcare exchange data for 16,500 demographic segments and statistical models.

The EOS enabled hundreds of thousands of consumers to be engaged with more than 16,000 versions of creative materials. It was essential in identifying and engaging specific individuals with Facebook ads, banner ads, emails and direct mail based on their likelihood of being uninsured, having an individual plan, estimated claims and probability of responding.

The EOS was critical to generating 40% more leads at a 28% lower cost per lead than was originally projected.

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