Our Services

5W offers strategic consulting, analytics, database marketing and creative services.

5W will tailor its services to best meet your needs and best complement the capabilities of your existing staff and partners. Our basic services include the following:

  • Strategic & tactical consulting
  • AIM5™ marketing services & analytics tools
  • Marketing resource optimization & projections
  • Database marketing
  • Creative services
  • Strategic & Tactical Consulting

  • AIM5™ Marketing Services & Analytics Tools

  • Marketing Resource Optimization & Projections

  • Database Marketing

  • Creative Services

  • 5W can work with you and your team to assess your marketing capabilities and efforts and to give you practical advice that greatly improves your marketing ROI. We begin by obtaining a thorough understanding of your goals, business, products, marketing activities, capabilities, data systems, past successes and failures, constraints and plans. Only then can we provide high-impact advice.

    We then work with you to define changes to your 5Ws that will deliver a very high payoff through a series of incremental low-risk steps:

    • Who — individuals, groups, segments
    • What — message, offer, creative, keywords
    • Where — online, email, direct mail, search, telemarketing, mobile, other
    • When — timing, frequency
    • Why — ROI, metrics, short- and long-term benefits

    We have unique expertise gained from working with 120 organizations and the tools and financial models to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing activities.

    During this process, we help develop a common vision of your future capabilities, prioritizing and managing tasks using an Incremental Advancement Plan (IAP). It will provide a road map of how to incrementally advance your capabilities from their current level to that of a top marketing organization.

    Where 5W has the expertise, we will also be happy to provide guidance, support and training to your personnel to help them advance their skills.

  • 5W has analyzed literally billions of records for a single client, and it has developed many hundreds of advanced online and offline models using best-of-breed data mining algorithms.

    We not only understand the technology, we understand how to marry the science with practical marketing knowhow to give you actionable information and models that deliver the highest payoff possible.

    Examples of the types of services and analyses we routinely perform:

    • Behavioral targeting where we develop real-time online models that select the best ad to show for a given visitor to a website
    • Customer look-alike models to identify the similarity of each prospect to your best customers
    • The likelihood that a prospect or customer will respond to a given online or offline campaign
    • Estimates of customers' initial order amounts as well as their lifetime value
    • Which products to cross-sell or up-sell to a given customer
    • The likelihood that a customer will attrite within the next 12 months
    • The probability that a past customer will reactivate
    • Which messages or offers a prospect or customer will most likely respond to
    • How best to segment your customers or prospects to optimize the impact of your marketing

    5W can deliver its clients much more value than other companies not only because of its extensive knowhow, but because of its unique tools. Over the past nine years, 5W has developed a suite of tools that enable it to produce much better insights and targeting information faster and less expensively than any of its competitors.

    We have combined best-of-breed marketing, optimization, database and data mining software with innovative techniques to produce superior insights and results in an extremely automated fashion.

    AIM5™ — Marketing services for 5W Optimization
    This optimization service combines the use of artificial intelligence with many of our advanced technologies, capabilities and professional insights to realize superior models to deliver the best custom content to the best person at the best time at a fraction of the time and cost.

    Utilizing our artificial intelligence capabilities, we are able to produce AI Mail that delivers large direct mailers dramatic increases in revenues and profit within a few months.

    Below are the core components of our proprietary tools:

    • The 5W Consumer Database (CDB) comprised of more than 300 attributes on 200 million U.S. consumers, including many that are not available from other sources.
    • Advanced best-of-breed data mining algorithms
    • Novel processing techniques
    • 5W's EAGLES consumer market segmentation system that groups individual consumers into sets of 18, 60, 120 and over 6,000 segments based on Ethnicity, Affluence, Generation, Lifestyle, Environment and Shopping behavior
    • More insightful analyses and reports

    Using its advanced tools and services, 5W and its clients can gain valuable insights into customers, prospects and market segments, often within a couple of hours. The advanced tools, coupled with 5W's marketing expertise give our clients the ability to optimize their 5W's with minimal effort and often within their same marketing budget.

  • 5W can develop a marketing financial planning model for you that will help maximize your sales, profits and number of customers for any given allocation of your budget. It enables us to easily perform "what if" analyses and forecast the number of new customers, revenues, acquisition costs, percent retained, profits and other metrics for the current year and future years.

    This model can provide the basis to optimize budget allocations across the following:

    • Marketing activities (e.g., new customer acquisition, cross-sell/up-sell, retention, reactivation)
    • Channels (e.g., online, direct mail, email, search, telemarketing)
    • Months or seasons
    • Marketing segments

    It will also answer "what if" questions, such as these:

    1. What will be the ROI if new creative materials increase responses by 10%?
    2. Will we make more money if we mail one segment more frequently and another less frequently?
    3. How many more customers will we acquire if we increase volume in May and reduce it in June and July?
    4. How much more profit will we make if we shift some of the customer acquisition budget to retention or cross-sell efforts?
    5. How much should we invest in new customer acquisition and reactivation, and what is the second- and third-year impact of increasing prospecting this year?
    6. What is the financial impact of switching a set of customers to higher-margin products versus the associated costs?
    7. How much money should we invest online, in search marketing or in offline marketing to maximize our profits?

    This planning tool is very useful in optimizing who to engage with what opportunity, where, when and why. It can also increase sales and profitability by 10% to 30% through reallocation of budgets across months, segments, channels and marketing activities.

  • 5W can help you with all aspects of your database marketing activities. Our staff has many years of experience in these areas:

    • Marketing data mart development and maintenance
    • Dashboard and report development
    • Data hygiene, preprocessing and appends
    • List selection and processing
    • Campaign management
    • Project management

    We can work with your data processing, database or campaign management tool providers, or we can provide an end-to-end solution or any missing part.

    We have the tools and expertise to help you plan, execute and analyze integrated cross-channel email, online, search, mobile, telemarketing and direct mail campaigns.

  • 5W offers online, direct mail and email creative services through a network of creative companies, consultants and freelance copywriters and graphic artists.

    Why does an analytics-driven company like 5W offer creative services? Simple — because most advertising agencies and internal creative groups do not use best practices in terms of what the numbers tell us. In direct marketing, it's not about award-winning creative content or designers' intuition; it's about what actually generates leads and sales.

    Our staff has developed creative content for clients that delivered 15% to 50% increases in sales. We know how to target different market segments with personalized content and messages that increase sales.

    We know what works. We also know when our clients or their vendors have great direct marketing creative talent and don't need our help.

    We're happy to work with your creative staff or agency to get you higher-performing creative materials. We do this by discussing best practices, what our past analyses have shown us and what your data informs us about your customers and prospects.