How We Start

One of the ways 5W is different is how we work with our prospects and clients.

Our goal is to deliver you value every time we interact.


We typically start with a telephone call to gain a basic understanding of your organization's direct marketing goals and activities.  We then ask a number of questions to assess how much we can increase your success through advanced marketing approaches.


If there is sufficiently high potential, we then discuss whether or not 5W is the best company to help your organization grow.  If not, we generally can provide useful information and insights on what your next steps should be in light of your objectives.


If we mutually agree that 5W might be able to help your organization, we typically schedule a meeting or a 5W Workshop where we go through each of the 5 W's in detail to first understand your current approach and then explore how you and your team can get to the next level.


After the meeting, we summarize our findings and recommendations and suggest the next steps toward achieving your objectives in a low-risk and cost-effective manner.

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