About 5W Strategists

5W is a direct marketing optimization company.  We help our clients maximize their success by helping them optimize their 5 W’s.

What Defines Us

We are brutally honest and will always act in your best interest.  Although we're capable of performing almost all aspects of your direct marketing, our challenge is to help you determine what mix of capabilities from your organization, existing partners, other companies and 5W are going to deliver you the most value for the lowest cost and risk.

We pride ourselves on delivering among the best strategic and tactical advice, models, insights, reports, information systems and creative materials in the industry.  We use the best tools available, apply innovative techniques and have a proven methodology to advance our clients' success incrementally through a series of high-payoff steps.

5W was founded in 2009 by Jerry Montgomery and David Barron with the goal of helping direct marketers maximize their success by optimizing their 5 W's — Who to engage, with What content, Where, When and Why.  We accomplish this through a unique mix of advanced machine learning and data mining algorithms, database marketing capabilities, creative services and direct marketing acumen.

Our key employees have delivered value to more than 150 organizations and led over $100 million in marketing analytics, data mining, advanced decision system and database development projects.

Our Unique Advantages

  1. Integrity and commitment to delivering value
  2. Decades of cross-channel direct marketing experience, business, database, creative and analytic know-how
  3. Our proprietary analysis and modeling techniques
  4. AIM5® — Our "Artificial Intelligence Marketing Using the 5 W's" Services and Tools
  5. Our Engagement Optimization System (EOS™) and advanced analytic tools, techniques and capabilities
  6. 5W's Assess, Plan & Execute (APEX) incremental advancement methodology that increases our clients' marketing capabilities through a series of low-risk, high-payoff steps
  7. Unique consumer data and lists
  8. Our willingness to transition our proprietary knowhow to our clients' staff