About 5W Strategists

5W helps marketers optimize Who to engage
with What opportunity, Where, When, and Why

5W was founded in 2009 by Jerry Montgomery and David Barron. Jerry and David have a combined 55 years of business and analytics experience. We have led $86 million in artificial intelligence, data mining, advanced decision system and database development projects, and delivered value to more than 120 organizations.

We are a small firm that focuses on serving a few clients extremely well. We are committed to helping our clients continuously advance their capabilities and success.

Our unique advantages are:

  • Integrity and commitment to delivering value
  • A rare blend of marketing, business, database, creative, and analytic knowhow
  • Decades of cross-channel direct marketing experience
  • Our Engagement Optimization System (EOS™) and advanced analytic tools, techniques and capabilities
  • Incremental advancement methodology that increases our clients' marketing capabilities through a series of low risk, high-payoff steps

We are brutally honest and will always act in your best interest. Although we're capable of performing almost all aspects of direct marketing, our challenge is to help you determine what mix of capabilities from your organization, existing partners, other companies, and 5W are going to deliver you the most value for the lowest cost and risk.

We pride ourselves on delivering among the best strategic and tactical advice, models, insights, reports, information systems, and creative materials in the industry. We use the best tools available, apply innovative techniques, and have a proven methodology to advance our clients' success incrementally through a series of high-payoff steps.

Here are a few examples of our successes:

  • Developed targeting engines for display and mobile ads that build hundreds of real-time models based on billions of impressions each night
  • Led the initial development of one of the most advanced multi-variable test (MVT) capabilities for Facebook advertising available today
  • Created targeting models that increased campaign responses and sales 10 to 60% for a variety of direct marketers
  • Created an ANGLERS national lifestyle segmentation system for a leading data provider
  • Performed an analysis for the Virginia Department of Taxation that helped it exceed its goals by $49 million. The analysis won a Direct Marketing Association Silver Echo Award
  • Decreased a major direct mailer's volume by 20%, while at the same time increasing its campaign revenue 3% and profits 36%
  • For a fundraiser, identified 1.2 million names from compiled lists that were profitable on first solicitation. Attempts by competitors to market to 100,000-name subsets were unprofitable
  • Boosted sales $900,000 for a single business catalog campaign resulting in a 750% ROI on services
  • Led the development of Valassis's Sharpshooters Lifestyle Clustering System, which segments every U.S. neighborhood into one of fifty-four clusters
  • Created a retail analysis tool used to perform profiling and targeting for more than 300 major retailers each year
  • Developed six generations of advanced data mining/marketing analysis tools, including one of the first online marketing analytics tools
  • Managed creative efforts that increased response rates 15 to 51% for multiple clients