Optimize Your 5Ws – Maximize Your Success

Optimize WHO to engage with WHAT opportunity, WHERE, WHEN & WHY
  • Who
  • What
  • Where
  • When
  • Why
    • Who are your best customers and prospects, and what are their key characteristics?
    • Who is in each of your major market segments?
    • Who should you acquire, up-sell or reactivate to maximize your profits?
    • What message will produce the best response for each of your market segments?
    • What marketing treatments will increase your sales the most?
    • What creative content will deliver the highest success?
    • Where should you market to each segment: banner ads, search, direct mail, phone, social, email?
    • Where can your marketing effectiveness for each channel be improved?
    • Where can you optimize your channel mix to maximize sales within the same budget?
    • When is the best month, day, time or event to market to each person?
    • How frequently should you market to each segment to maximize your ROI?
    • Why should you pursue a given alternative in terms of additional customers, sales, market share and profitability?
    • What key metrics and reports should you and your team be looking at?
    • Why will reallocating your budget across activities, segments, products and channels drastically increase your ROI and sales?

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How We Start

Our goal is to deliver you value every time we interact

5W works with you and your team to assess your capabilities and efforts, and to give you practical advice that greatly improves your marketing ROI.

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We have helped online and offline direct marketers such as General Electric, ALLTEL, Traffic Marketplace, Green Mountain Coffee, Gannett, The Salvation Army, Valassis, and many others increase their success.

About 5W Strategists

We help marketers optimize Who to engage with What opportunity, Where, When, and Why

We pride ourselves on delivering among the best strategic and tactical advice, models, insights, reports, information systems, and creative materials in the industry.