Our Purpose

Our passion is to maximize our client's success by helping them optimize Who to engage, with What content, Where, When and Why so they can have a greater impact on those they serve

  • Who
  • What
  • Where
  • When
  • Why
Optimize Your 5 W's
    • Who are your best customers and prospects and what are their key characteristics?
    • Who is in each of your major market segments?
    • Who should you acquire, up-sell or reactivate to maximize your profits?
    • What message will produce the best response for each of your market segments?
    • What marketing treatments will increase your sales the most?
    • What creative content will deliver the highest success?
    • Where should you market to each segment: mobile, banner ads, search, direct mail, social, email?
    • Where can your marketing effectiveness for each channel be improved?
    • Where can you optimize your channel mix to maximize sales within the same budget?
    • When is the best month, day, time or event to market to each person?
    • How frequently should you market to each segment to maximize your ROI?
    • Why should you pursue a given alternative in terms of additional customers, sales, market share and profitability?
    • What key metrics and reports should you and your team be looking at?
    • Why will reallocating your budget across activities, segments, products and channels drastically increase your ROI and sales?

We've helped companies of all sizes increase their marketing ROI.

H & R Block
BlueCross BlueShield

Here are just a few examples of our successes

  • Developed targeting engines for display and mobile ads that build hundreds of real-time models based on billions of impressions each night
  • Created targeting models that increased campaign responses and sales 10 to 60% for a variety of direct marketers
Customer Analysis
  • For a fundraiser, identified 1.2 million names from compiled lists that were profitable on first solicitation; attempts by competitors to market to 100,000-name subsets were unprofitable.
  • Created a retail analysis tool used to perform profiling and targeting for more than 300 major retailers each year
Market Analysis
  • Developed six generations of advanced data mining/marketing analysis tools, including one of the first online marketing analytics tools
  • Led the development of Valassis's Sharpshooters Lifestyle Clustering System, which segments every U.S. neighborhood into one of 54 clusters
Database Marketing
  • Performed an analysis for the Virginia Department of Taxation that helped it exceed its goals by $49 million; the analysis won a Direct Marketing Association Silver Echo Award.
Advanced Online Testing
  • Led the initial development of one of the most advanced multivariate test (MVT) capabilities for Facebook advertising available today
Marketing Resource Optimization
  • Decreased a major direct mailer's volume by 20% while at the same time increasing its campaign revenue 3% and profits 36%
  • Boosted sales $900,000 for a single business catalog campaign, resulting in a 750% ROI on services
Creative Services
  • Developed content that increased response rates 15 to 51% for multiple clients